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Marriage Boot Camp  Reality Stars (S3)  (WE TV    Think Factory Media)   Editor Dec 2014- May 2015

Epic Meal Empire   (FYI TV    Digital Atoms, LLC)   Editor March 2014- Oct 2014

The Collective   (NUVO TV- Jennifer Lopez Prod.)   Nov 2013 Feb. 2014

Life With La Toya   (OWN-World of Wonder Prod.)  Editor    Aug 2013-Nov 2013

A Step Away  (NUVO- Jennifer Lopez Prod.)  Editor  June 2013- Aug 2013

My Big Red Hillbilly Vacation  (CMT) Editor  March 2013 -June 2013

The Moment  (AMC reality) Editor  Jan 2013 – March 2013   

Vanderpump Rules (BRAVO Real Housewives spinoff) 9/2012 – 1/2013

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) Editor-  8/2012-9/2012

Beverly Hills Nannies   (ABC Family)Editor  7-8 2012

Development Producer/Editor (Preditor) at Signet Media Group- Jan 2012 to June 2012

iCarly (Nickelodeon- Dan Schneider Exec. Prod.)-  2011

Born To Drive (Reality Series-GAC Network, Conrad Riggs Productions)  lead editor  2011

The Dreamsters  (pilot, KCET Michael Medavoy EP, Robert McDonnell)  scripted  Lead Editor 2011

Idiot Island – Sizzle Reel    310Entertainment- Tim Beggy, Clay Newbill   2011

T he Wannabes (TV series) Starz Channel, Savvy Productions, Lead Editor, scripted comedy   2009-2011

Celebrity Rehab Presents the Sober House (VH1, Irwin Productions)  Reality  Editor 2009

Zeke & Luther(Disney, Turtle Rock Productions)  Scripted comedy   Editor   2009

Legally Blonde 3(MGM, Brookwell/McNamara)    Visual Effects Artist, Compositing  2008

Out of Jimmy’s Head(Cartoon Network, Brookwell/McNamara)  Scripted    Editor,  VFX Artist 2008

Beyond The Break(Noggin, Brookwell/McNamara).  Scripted    Editor  2007-8

American Auto (Documentary)(Tiny Elephant Films).    Director, Editor 2005-2009

The Bachelor  (Season 3) (ABC-Warner Bros.) Reality Editor  2003

The Clubhouse (Golf series, Entertainment Concepts International) Editor 2007

Dance Revolution (CBS, DIC). Editor  2007

A Hero’s Welcome, (CBS,  A. Smith & Co.) Editor  2007

The World Series of Blackjack (GSN Planet Grande Pictures) Editor 2006-7

A Fearless Journey   (The Making of Jet Li’s “Fearless”)  (Studio Strada ) Editor 2006

Seeds (Pilot, Scott Sternberg Productions)  Editor  2005

Behind the Wheel at the L.A. Auto Show” (CBS) Editor 2004-6

Dear Santa  (FOX/Renegade 83) Editor  2006

The Start Up  (NBC Pilot/ Renegade 83) Editor  2005

Taste  (For Life) (Mandalay Films)  Editor  2005

My First TV Show (TVLand  Scott Sternberg Productions) Editor 2005

Entertainment Tonight (Paramount) Editor  2004

The Insider (Paramount) Editor  2004

Full Throttle (History Channel-Triage Ent. ) Editor   2003

America’s Most Talented Kids (NBC) Editor  2004

L.A. Boat Show (CBS) Editor  2003

Destination Boston (Travel Channel- Authentic Ent) Editor 2003

Southern California Gas Co.    Commercials  (CBS) Editor  2004

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide (Nickelodeon) Editor 2002

Drake & Josh  (Nickelodeon) Editor  2002

Zoey 101  (Nickelodeon) Editor  2002

The Amanda Show  (Nickelodeon) Editor  2002

Red Light Green Light  (VH1) Editor   2003

All That  (Nickelodeon) Editor  2002

The 5th Wheel  / Blind Date (Universal Television- Renegade 83) Editor 2002

Shark Attack Rescuers  (Shark Week Discovery Channel/THA) Editor  2002

Who Needs Hollywood?  (Oxygen Channel) Editor  2002

Best of the FARM CLUB  (Interscope/ Safehouse) Editor  2002

Sciography-The Making of Battlestar Galactica  (Sci-Fi Channel/ USA) Editor  2002

The Road Home: Papa Roach  (MTV) Editor  2001

The Shark Attack Files  (Discovery Channel/THA) Editor   2003

The Jeff Corwin Experience Animal Planet  (Popular Arts Ent) Editor   2003

Friends or Lovers  (USA/ Scott Sternberg Prods) Editor  2002

The Fox Files (Fox Network News) Editor 2000

National Geographic Series   2001

-“Secrets of the Wild Panda “

-“In the Shadow Of Vesuvius “

-“Kalihari Bushmen “

-“Ocean Drifters”

-“African Odyssey “

(National Geographic/ Weller Grossman) Editor

Weather Extreme  (Discovery Channel/Evergreen Films) Editor 2003

Tornadoes Hurricanes  (Discovery Channel/Evergreen Films) Editor  2003

Calling All Cooks  (Food Channel/ Weller Grossman) Editor   2002

Lovers or Losers  (USA/ Scott Sternberg Prods) Editor    2001

Great Pretenders  (Fox Family-Sternberg Prods) Editor   2003

Ultimate 10 Stings – Ultimate 10 Unsolved Crimes  (The Learning Channel/ Film Garden) Editor   2002

Real TV    Editor  2000

David Lee Roth – No Holds Bar-b-que  (music video) Editor   2006

Ally McBeal – FX Promo  (FX/ Kandoo Films) Editor  2004

Getting Hal – Feature Trailer  (Safehouse) Editor  2004

American Fighter Pilots Pilot  (Bruckheimer Films-Kandoo Films) Editor   2004

Arrest & Trial promos  (USA Network MOPO Prods) Editor   2003

Crazy/Beautiful  (Feature trailer Touchstone Films / Harleys House) Editor  2003

ESPN Sports Century Promos  (ESPN/MOPO) Editor   2003

3 Doors Down Music Video-Superman  (Universal/1171 productions) Editor   2002

Shaq Diesel Shaquille O’Neil  “You Know I Got Skillz ”  (Jive Records) Mixer Producer


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