Editing the ocean...

Editing the ocean…


Years of experience, with editing credits including a variety of single and multi-camera sitcoms, documentaries, reality shows, music videos, game shows, and many promo and sizzle reels.

A member of Motion Picture Editor’s Guild, Local 700, and fluent in a variety of current formats.

Fast, creative, and positive!

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Hillary Corbin    Think Factory Media   hcorbin @thinkfactorymedia.com
Suzzanne Stangel      Think Factory Media     sstangel @thinkfactorymedia.com
David Osipowicz       Post Sup for EPIC MEAL EMPIRE   Digital Atoms LLC  •    daveocean   @gmail.com
Doreen Spicer -Spicerack Productions  Executive Producer “The Wannabes”  •  spicerdoreen   @msn.com
Michael Goldstein   Senior story producer   EPIC MEAL EMPIRE  •    michael.goldstein75   @gmail.com
Jerri Howell  –  NUVO-TV  Executive Producer “A STEP AWAY”   •     jerritv  @me.com
Scott Sternberg – Scott Sternberg Productions  •     scott  @ssprods.com
Sean McNamara – Brookwell McNamara Entertainment •      laurie  @bmetvfilm.com
Al Dickerson   Producer  •     albertdickerson  @gmail.com
Maria L. Orzel -Studio Strada     •      mlorzel  @studiostrada.com




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